Wireless Security Cameras with Wifi are Taking Over

Do you often wonder about the safety of your home when you are not there? Or if you hear a sounds at night would you like to have the access of taking a peek at your living room without even having to get up? That is how these cameras come in handy in everyday life. Wireless security cameras with wifi make everything easier for keeping your house safe.

Security cameras have been around for a long time, but just recently have they been able to connect via wifi. These cameras with wifi can connect to your phone very easily and you will be able to see what is happening at your house from anywhere. Wireless security cameras are very new but they are helpful because it will always be on sending a live feed right to your phone.

Wifi Connection

Wifi connected camera’s make the installation much less difficult. You will not have to get a camera professionally hardwired to your phone. All you have to do is connect the camera to your wifi, which anyone can do with the instruction manual given. When the camera is connected to wifi all you will have to do is connect your phone and voila!

The only downside to having a security camera that connects via wifi is if your wifi signal is weak the videa will come out blurry on your phone. So if you have a bad router, I would definitely suggest getting that fixed before you buy a wifi connected camera. Trust me, you do not want to waste your money on a camera that uses wifi if you will then just have to spend more money on a new router.

Functions Wireless

The biggest difference between traditional cameras and these are that they are wireless compared to wired. Having a wireless camera pretty much make it impossible for your camera to get shut off. If there is a power outage a traditional camera would’t work while the camera using wifi would still show you what is happening at your home.

The installation process is much easier because you will not have to hire someone to install it for you. It is wireless so it pretty much comes ready right when you take it out of the box. The wired cameras also sometimes malfunction and you have to call back the installer, costing more money. You will never have to get a wireless camera professionaly installed.

A problem with using a wireless camera is you will have to change the batteries or charge it every now and then. But the good thing is you will not have to do that very often because these camera’s have a feature where they are in power-save money unless it senses movement or you use it through your phone.


What are the difference in safety between a traditional and wireless camera? Well, the answer is there are not many differences with the camera and it’s uses. However, with traditional camera’s you can not change where the feed is going without a professional. With wifi connected camera’s anyone in your family or who runs a business with you can connect to the feed via wifi.

Wireless camera’s also have less of a chance of malfunctioning. If the wireless camera does not work the only answer is that you have to charge it or change the batteries. With wired camera’s it could be the wiring is messed up or if there is a power outage it could affect the camera after. If the power is out you will not be able to use your camera either so and that could also become an issue.



Wireless security cameras with wifi will cost anywhere from $30-$250 dollars. If you are looking for a set of cameras they are also available for a deal compared to a singular camera. These do cost a little bit but if you are getting a security camera this would be the cheapest option. Traditional cameras cost around the same and when you factor in the installation it costs a little bit more.

The price differentiates upon the different features the camera have. The cameras that cost more have two-way audio along with a siren to scare of any one trying to get in. I started with the $80 dollar camera and it worked out absolutely perfect, it is up to you and what you want in your camera.


Wireless cameras are a better option than traditional because they are easier to use and make your home all the more safe. It is a scary world out there and it only keeps getting worse. Don’t be one of the people that refuse to invest in one until it is too late. It is always better to have a security camera then to be without one.

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