Where to Find Plastic Letters With Letter Board

Have you ever looked at a board on the wall and were unable to read it because of poor handwriting or the letters were too small? Well luckily there is something that can solve that issue. It is called a felt letter board and it makes putting messages on a board much easier to see for people verses a writing board. Unless of course your one of those people that have stellar handwriting, which there are not many. It is hard to figure out where to find plastic letters with letter board, maybe this can help a little bit.

Where to Look

Felt letter boards used to be hard to find but now you can get them just about anywhere. If you are a teacher it will be very easy to find a good letter board from the teacher buying websites you usually go to. They usually have the top of the line letter boards for sale since you are using them for education.

Another good place for anyone else to buy a letter board online such as a store or restaraunt owner would be amazon. You can find great amazon links to certain felt letter boards on this website but we will get to that later. I have seen a couple mom-and-pop stores that sell letter boards but it is frustrating to try to find. Some bigger wholesale stores such as walmart or target might have them too but they are always either out of stock or they dont care enough to get them.

The best places to get letter boards would definitely be online at a teachers website or just going to amazon and finding the right board for you.

felt letter board

Different Types of Boards and Letters

There are surprisingly multiple different boards that you will find. All of them have different things about them that can help with what you plan on using the board for. There are different types of background colors to make the letter pop more and do not blend in. Different types of letters to get like magnetic or velcro. Another difference that one would not expect to matter but it does would be the size of the board.

All of these differences can and will help your cause for whatever reason you plan on buying the board. The outside letters could be a big difference for you as well, but I would definitely recommend you get the plastic. The plastic letters are the cheapest to buy because you might end up having to buy extra letters with the set. They are also the easiest to move around the board and they are much lighter in weight compared to the other types.

Letter Board v.s. Chalk/White Board

You’re probably asking yourself, well why don’t I just get a white board or a little chalk one? The letter board beats any chalk or white board in many ways and they all have to do with making the letters readable.

These ‘other’ boards we will call them have to be written on to send a message from the board. Usually when this happens you just can’t guarantee that everyone will be able to read it no matter how perfectly you do it. That is why the letter board is better because you are guaranteeing solid, easily readable letters that were made for that purpose only.

Some of you are probably wondering whether the difference in price is too much. It is actually about the same and this is why; letter boards cost around 20$+ which is the same as a decent ‘other’ board. The thing is the letters will probably cost a little more up front, but it doesn’t matter. Chalk and dry-erase markers may cost less but you know at some point you will have to buy more verses letters that never go away.

Also to mention, the boards get stained after too much overuse so you might end up buying more of those too.While the felt board will always look the same this year and the next 100 years.


The felt letter boards are just the better investment here by a landslide. They are more useful to anyone looking for a message board. I use these every day and they are so much easier than having to write, and since I am left-handed having to deal with getting my hand printed on every time I use the board. They seem more expensive but they are much better in the long run I can guarantee it.

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