Touch Screen Gloves; Bulky and Thin

We are in the age of using our phones every day for a lot of different things. It can be hard to use your phone in cold weather, you would have to take your gloves off and by the time you are done using your phone you can barely feel your hand. For some people it’s not a big issue and that’s fine, but for people like me it is absolutely horrible to feel cold. Now we don’t have to take our gloves off because touch screen gloves; bulk and thin are around.

Touch screen gloves are exactly what they’re name implies. They are gloves that can touch any screen while you are still wearing them. Bulk and thin touch screen gloves are available for use in the coldest weather conditions or for a chilly day when you are about to go for a run. If you hate the cold, these gloves will be the go to option every time.


There are three types of touch screen gloves available. The fingertip glove, full glove, and full leather glove. They all use different technology to make the glove work properly with your phone.

Fingertip Glove– Fingertip gloves are just like a normal glove, except the fingertips have the touch screen technology. It is usually only the thumb and index fingers that have it but sometimes it is on all of the fingers. It’s made of a conductive material that make it possible to use your phone using the finger where you have the technology.

Full Glove– Full gloves are completely made of touch screen compatible material. You could use your phone with any part of your hand. This is possible because the glove is made of conductive threads such as copper or silver. 

Full Leather Glove– Full Leather Gloves are also completely made of material that you can use your phone. The difference is the material is leather that had been changed to be very conductive, while a regular full glove is made of cotton

Bulky Gloves

Finding bulky gloves that actually work can be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are lots out there but many are too cheap to work consistently. A small group of bulky gloves have high quality touch screen material that will still keep your hands warm.

There are a lot of bulky fingertip gloves, when you search that will most likely be what pops up. It is a great glove if you want to stay warm because the rest of it is made like normal while just the fingertips are lined with touch screen technoogy. The biggest problem with these are that they are the least likely to work compared to others because the touchscreen lining quality is not very good.

The other bulky glove available is the full glove. There are many different types of full gloves, but if you want it to be bulky there are gloves made of wool that can be used with your phone. It is called smartwool and is the most thick layer available for full touch screen gloves. The whole glove is made of wool and any part of your hand will work with any touch screen.

Thin Gloves

If you are looking for thin touch screen gloves there are a lot more good options to choose. Thin gloves are great for people who need gloves for their job or hobby such as a motorcyclist or an electrician. They were not made for warmth like the bulky gloves these were made for people that have to protcect their hands and fingers or for style.

Full Leather Touch Screen GlovesFingertip gloves are much better when they are thin than bulky. This is because with the bulky gloves the touch screen lining can get easily moved so it is not covering your finger. With thin fingertip gloves the lining is more tight on your finger so it works a lot better and it will stay against your fingertip.

Full gloves that are thin are usually made of cotton so they will still keep your hands and fingers warm. You will have absolutely no problems between these gloves and your phone’s touch screen. This technology is the best around right now and you can touch your phone screen with any part of the glove which makes a big difference.

Full leather gloves are also available thin. These work just as well as the other gloves but are more for style than anything else. They are also the most expensive type of touch screen glove becuause it is cured high-quality leather. The glove has to be thin in order for it to touch screen compatible.


All three of the different types of touch screen gloves look very different. Finding a glove that works well will be easy but there is no point in getting it if you do not like how it looks.

The fingertip gloves are easy to tell because they have different colors between the touch screen technology and the glove. You will know what part of the glove is touch screen compatible and which parts are not. This is easy for the user but the different colorations make the glove appear odd in my personal opinion.

Full gloves are the same color throughout the whole glove. They look exactly like a normal glove except it’s made with touch screen technology. This glove has a better appearance than the fingertip gloves becuase it looks a lot more professional.

Full leather gloves are the best looking out of all the touch screen gloves. It looks like a very high-quality glove but it really is not that much more expensive than the other types. The full leather glove, if you’re into leather, will be something that you always wear out because it looks high-fashion and it works very well with your phone.

Full Touch Screen GloveConclusion

If you like to wear gloves or are forced to in everyday life I highly recommend investing in a touch screen glove. Nothing is more annoying that having to take off your glove, send a text, then having to go through putting the sweaty thing back on. The touch screen gloves are guaranteed to make your life easier and there are enough to choose from to pick the perfect mach for you.

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