Stove Covers: Why Are They Important?

Do you get annoyed by constantly having to clean the stove after cooking? I mean, it is close to impossible to never spill anything on the stove top so the odds are you will end up cleaning your stove multiple times a week. Or not? stove

This is where the stove covers come in, they make it so that you never have to worry about spilling anythig after you cook. I just recently bought one and I could not be more happy with my investment. I no longer have to worry about cleaning the stove after a spill or just after cooking in general, my stove cover has it all handled.

How Well Do they Really Work?

It really depends on the kind of stove cover you get. Some fit perfectly around your stove while others may not. It matters  how well you know the size of your stove, so get familiar with it before you run to the store.

Another thing to consider when you buy a stove cover is what kind of material do you want? There are glass, stainless steel, chrome, or wooden stove covers. All of them work well, but some work better than others and some look better than others.

Glass– Glass stove covers are the best to get for both a classy look and a very functional stove cover. You can get it in different colors, it will be easy to clean residue off, and will not be affected by the heat from the stove. Some disadvantages to going glass however, would be that it is the most expensive compared to the other types and you risk cracking the cover if you hit it hard with something.

Stainless Steel or Chrome Stainless steel and chrome covers are very similar and absolutely amazing functionality-wise. Heat does not affect them and you do not risk breaking it compared to the glass cover. They both cost less than glass but they are not as good-looking on the stove as the glass cover would be.

Wood- Wood stove covers are perfect if you plan on using the cover as a cutting board, tray, or covering the stove. They are the best because you can use it right after you use it on the stove. The wood will not get hot compared to the other types of stove covers.

What is it Exactly?

The stove cover is exactly what it sounds like, it covers your stove. When you finish cooking it always feels like you are spilling something on the stove, or at least I feel that way. Plus it is annoying when I dont have anywhere else to place my newly cooked food after I cook it because I do not want to burn it.

You can put the stove cover on the top of the stove to place your food after cooking it and you dont have to worry about spills getting all over the hot stove because it will now be covered. Another problem that the stove cover fixed was it makes it a whole lot less difficult to transfer a lot of pots and pans from one place to another. I can easily just put everything on my stove cover and carry it all to the kitchen table in no time.

The biggest thing that this changes though in the kitchen is the stove can be pretty dangerous especially after it has just been used. Someone might uknowingly run into it or touch it while it is still a few hundred degrees hot. This could cause some pretty seriously painful burns (I know this from experience). It would just be much safer for everybody that comes to your house if the stove cover is there too ensure that no one gets hurt.

Great for Small Kitchens

If you have a smaller kitchen like me, it is probably tough to find space for everything sometimes. The stove cover adds those extra 3 or 4 feet that might not eliminate your space issues completely, but it will definitely add some extra space for you.

If you have the stove cover it will also make your kitchen look much more classy and open. It always fits anywhere on the counter so when you are using the stove you can just move the stove cover to the side and then put it back after you cook.

Different Styles

There are many different styles that you can have as your stove cover as well as different colors and designs. If you have a stove with coils there are different covers such as wooden or steel that will fit perfectly over your oven. They have the classic four openings for the coils to fit ensuring that it stays put. There are much thicker wooden covers that have handles to easily move it.

The stainless steel cover for the classic oven that is thinner than the wooden and instead of having handles they have legs that make the base a few inches off the stove. This is so that the coils or the cover do not get damaged and the heat would not affect it when you pick it up from the bottom.

For the more modern stove, there are flat covers that are the easiest to move around and to store while you cook. It is usually made out of glass so that it best conducts the heat from the stove. They also have a little handle on one side so that it is much more easy to hold.

The coolest part about the stove covers are their customizable designs. You could order it to be engraved or painted in any letters or words. I have seen tons of covers with people’s initials in a certain color or a meaningful quote. The best part about the custom covers is that the price does not differentiate too bad verses the uncustomized covers.


The stove cover is definitely worth the 20$ dollars at the end of the day. There are more pros than cons to having one of these kitchen accessories. It looks a whole lot better to see a kitchen with a stove cover over it rather than one without. The cover protects anyone who might accidentally touch the stove while it is still on or right after it has been used. And it can add extra space to your kitchen as well as make it easier to move around a lot of different cooking tools.

Some cons to having the stove cover is the cost which is not too bad actually, and some people might get annoyed with constantly having to take the cover on and off. If you ask me though, I think it is defintely worth having a cover verses not having one.

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