Stainless Steel Jewelry for Women

Stainless steel is the most safe type of jewelry to wear on your skin. My skin would always itch when I wore regular silver, especially my ears it got to the point where I couldn’t even wear earrings. Then I found out from my friends and later on confirmed by a doctor that I was allergic to silver. The same friends who said I was probably allergic to silver also recommended me to try stainless silver and wow! 

When I wore stainless silver I did not feel any of my allergy symptoms. No itching or skin puffing up and getting red, I was completely fine. I immediately wanted to find out why this was so different from anything else and this is what I learned. Stainless steel jewelry for women especially, is the best possible option for jewelry.

No Allergic Reactions

Stainless steel will not give your skin any reactions. There are only a very small amount of people that are allergic to stainless steel, while most metal allergies are from copper. This is because silver is not a metal that affects most people, and stainless steel is not made up of any copper, which is different from all of the other metals used to make jewelry.

Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver an the rest is copper alloy. There is also Coin Silver which is 90% silver and the rest is made up of copper. Then there is the Venetian or Nevada Silver which is a different mix of both silver and nickel. The last type I named are rarely seen today. All of these other metals have been known to cause more people allergic reactions than the stainless steel.

Does Not Rust

Stainless steel ringAs well as being nearly clear from most possible allergic reactions, stainless steel can not rust like all other metals. Stainless steel is coated with another element called chromium. When other metals react to oxygen they turn to rust, but when chromium reacts to oxygen a membrane is created that prevents the air from affecting the metal.

Rust can also be harmful to your skin as well, more so if you have it penetrating such as an earring. Rust can cause redness and irritation just from rubbing on your skin, bracelets and rings can easily cause this. When rust is penetrating the skin it will feel like, and the body will treat it exactly like a splinter. The rust being there can cause infection and tetanus can occur if it isnt treated. It will also feel more and more painful the longer you keep the earring in because the body will be figthing the foreign object and the infection will spread.

Strongest of All Metals

This amazing metal is also the strongest out of the other types. The exact type of metal that is stainless steel is also the same that is used to make buildings. That should give a little bit of an example of how strong this metal really is. Anything could happen to it like a big fall or getting accidentally stepped on and it will be fine no problem. 

Since it is the same metal used to create large buildings, you may have also been able to tell that it is heat reductive. This basically means that you can wear this during the summer and have no problems with it all. It will not irritate your skin because it is too hot. 

Easy Care

Stainless Steel BraceletStainless steel is very easy to clean and easier to keep clean. It is the strongest of all the metals and it can not get ruined by the elements, but it can still be scratched just as easily as other pieces of jewelry. There are a few very easy steps that you can take in order to ensure that you clean them without making any scratches. 

Step 1- Pour hot water and dish soap in a bowl. Step 2– Dip a wash cloth or a soft fabric in the bowl and let the soapy-water suppress into the fabric. Step 3- Clean the piece of jewelry using the side that was dipped and clean it with the dry side of the cloth. Step 4- Make sure the jewelry is dry and let it air dry for a few minutes. 

Although stainless steel can not be affected by anything really, it can still get scratched by something such as another piece of jewelry. To make sure nothing gets scratched it is recommended to seperate the jewelry when you store it and keep it from moving around too much. Another thing to do is don’t wear the jewelry too close together because it can get scratched that way as well.


Jewelry that has a base material that it stainless steel is the best way to go for many reasons. Stainless steel has a less chance of having an allergic reaction, the jewelry will not get rusty, it is very strong and durable, and the easiest to clean. Stainless steel jewelry also costs either the same as other types or it is even less money. Ever since I went to stainless steel I have never had another problem with my allergic reactions or having to deal with cleaning my jewelry every couple of months. If you have the same problems as I did, I recommend trying out stainless steel as well.

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