Best Baby Monitors: Camera and Audio

There are a TON of high-end baby monitors in the market right now with prices going from 30 to 400. With a price range like that it can be hard to find the perfect monitor. Some are just for audio or just the camera while others have both and crazy tech such that monitors your baby’s breathing. But is all that stuff really worth it? What is really the best baby monitor: camera and audio?

There are many baby monitors, but three really stand out that use the latest tech to monitor your baby at a fair price. They all have both camera and audio at the highest quality. They can also all connect to your iOS phone and have 1080p quality. These three are guaranteed to make more of a difference as a monitor verses other monitors.

I will go through what makes these the best baby monitors in each category. If you are like me and want to just see them ranked and how much they are scroll to the bottom. But I would recommend at least skimming through the more important categories to help you make your decision.


Camera and Audio

The quality of a camera is always a huge factor. These have the best pixel quality of any other at 1080p. You will be able to see your baby from your phone clear as possible. The Motorola Halo and the Owlet both provide a birds eye view of your baby which can make a pretty big difference when you want to watch them on the go.

Audio now is all two-way and that’s how all the baby monitors are. You can hear the baby and the baby can hear you. If you aren’t home and the baby starts crying you might be able to calm them down with your voice. If that doesn’t work though the Motorola Halo and Owlet have pre-played lullabies.

Key Differences

All of these monitors have features unique only to themeselves. These feautures are what puts them at the top 3 of any baby monitor. They can all be very useful to you in different ways.

The Motorola Halo is very unique in that it can display illuminations on the ceiling or glowing lights that will help your baby stay calm at night. It also has lullabies, audiobooks, or white noise that will also all keep your baby asleep.

The Owlet is different from the rest because the app has a feature where you can always hear your baby even when you don’t have it pulled up on your phone. It is also one of the only to come in a bundle with their already successully sock that monitors a baby’s oxygen, blood pressure, and gives notifications to your phone.

The last but not least is the Arlo Baby, or Arlo. It’s key features are that you can save any recording of your baby doing something cute or funny to icloud. Another cool thing about the Arlo is that you can get accessories for it to make it look like a cute animal and not a camera.

App Features

The apps for these monitors are all the same as well. When you pull it up you can see the baby in clear 1080p quality. You will be able to zoom in or change angles to best see your baby clearly. The app also does not require any subscriptions or in-app purchases like some other apps used for baby monitors. There are buttons that you can turn on or off the communication on your end so you do not wake the baby while you watch them.


The price of these are a little on the heavy side but they will do wonders for your baby while you have to be somewhere else. The most expensive baby monitor is the Motorola Halo because of all the extra features, it is $300 dollars. If you can not be there for a long time every day, this could be an option but other then that you dont need to get it if you are always home.

The Owlet is at $150. It also has a bundle you can do on amazon for the sock and camera for $400. I would recommend getting this camera because it is the least expensive and you can use it on secure wifi so anayone that uses the same wifi as your monitor can watch your baby with your approval.

The Arlo Baby is the least expensive at $125 because of it’s key app features that save videos of your baby. It could also become a little bit more with the accessories to make it more kid-friendly.


All of these monitors can help your baby in very useful ways. The Halo will help with an anxious baby that does not get much sleep with features all meant to calm the baby. The Owlet can help if you are worried about your child’s health with the sock bundle. Then the Arlo would be the most stylish with the cool accessories and if you want to keep your videos of your baby from the camera you can only do it with this monitor.

I hope this article helped you on this tough adventure trying to find the perfect baby monitor. If you still want to check out other monitors it would be easiest through amazon search, good luck and congratulations on having a baby!

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