Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for the Skin

I have been following the benefits of hemp seed oil for the skin during the past year and I will be explaining to you everything you need to know about hemp seed oil. I am happy to say that it is very beneficial to us. In fact, there are no negative effects by rubbing hemp seed oil on your skin.

This type of oil could be the most beneficial skin moisturizer we have ever seen, but it is not being recognized because it is from the same genus as the cannabis plant, but it contains no THC or CBD.

There is hemp oil, and there is hemp seed oil, both of them sound the same but have a very big difference. Hemp oil is derived from the cannabis plant itself ,so yes hemp oil contains high amounts of THC and CBD. Hemp seed oil on the other hand, is derived from hemp seeds, a plant related to the cannabis plant but it does not actually contain any THC or CBD. Hemp seed oil is what is used in most moisturizers and soaps while hemp oil is used mainly for medicinal purposes, unfortunately no one really understands these differences. Hemp seed oil is very beneficial to us in numerous ways.

hemp seed texture

How it is Made

Hemp seed oil is a liquid made specifically from a hemp plant in the same genus group as the cannabis plant. The oil is extracted through cold pressing hemp seeds and refining the extract.

Hemp plants do not have the same psychoactive ingredients as the marijuana plant, making Hemp Oil better to use versus the other stuff. Once the oil is extracted, it looks green and smells very nutty. After the oil is refined it will become mostly colorless and odorless. After the hemp seed oil is refined it is ready for use.

There are a few ways to use this oil, you can rub it on your body for better blood circulation and to moisturize. It can also be rubbed in the hair to increase blood circulation in the scalp and brain, thicken hair, and prevent dandruff. Hemp seed oil can even be used to help cook, it has a nutty flavor to it and it had very healthy acids in it. The same fatty acids found in fish oil, it helps prevent heart disease, arthritis, depression, reduce skin conditions, and 25% of it is all protein.

Anti-Aging Skin

There are many benefits from the use of hemp oil. One main benefit from it is it’s strong moisturizing powers. The oil is known to be able to heal dry skin, cracks, and make wrinkles go invisible. Hemp oil has also been known to anti-age the skin in the long-term, which make the skin look healthy and young. Hemp oil also fights against skin disease such as psoriasis, eczema, and most forms of acne.

This type of oil has been used in secrecy for years in other skin care products such as soaps or lotions. If this is the main ingredient making your skin look great in other products, why not use it all by itself on your skin?

Other Benefits

All of the benefits from hemp seed oil certainly does not stop at moisturization. When you rub it on your body, it increases blood flow wherever you applied the oil even on your head. Hemp seed oil can also be used in cooking as a dressing or a sauce because of its nutty taste (yes, it is more than safe for you to digest! and no, you wont get high!).

Hemp seed oil can also amazingly replace one of the many harmful chemicals in most of our liquid products, petroleum. Petroleum is very harmful to ourselves and to the enviornment. People are always looking for ways to eradicate the chemical from existence, but we may have found what to replace it with in hemp seed oil. It can be replaced with the petroleum in biodiesel gasoline to make for safer gas emissions. Hemp seed oil can also be replaced with the petroleum we use to make plastic, one of the worlds most used man-made products. Plastic is a problem becuause it is harmful to the enviornment when we create it from the petroleum. If we used hemp oil to make plastics instead of petroleum, we would save alot of life that live in the radius of plastic-making factories (plus, when people litter with plastic it will be less effective on the enviornment).

The benefits do not end there though, petroleum is also used in paint. When paint is poured or moved around it has strong emissions of petroleum that are once again very harmful to the enviornment. If that petroleum was changed to hemp oil, pouring out paint and painting in general will be a lot less harmful to our bodies and to th people around us.

Another benefit of hemp seed oil is that you can put it in your hair too! It thickens the texture of hair and it prevents the scalp from unwanted dandruff.

Hemp seed oil is not only edible, but it is really good for you. It contains that same ratio of protein as eggs and some meats!   It also contains many helpful fatty acids that our body uses to help out every day.


Although there are a million positives to making hemp seed oil more main stream, there are also some negatives. Hemp seed oil is derived from hemp seeds, and hemp plants are in the cannabis genus. People are still very questionable on anything that is in the same genus as cannabis, and they are rightfully so. But hemp seed oil is very different from the chemicals THC and CBD,  which both come from the cannabis plant.

THC is what makes you high, which is no way shape or form in the hemp seed oil. Therefore, if you use the hemp seed oil there will be no THC getting in your system making you high. CBD and hemp seed oil are a little more alike in the sense that they have both had all the THC extracted out, so CBD and hemp seed oil both can not make you high. CBD has healing properties as well as hemp but they are different. CBD helps people by making their pain more admissible and calms the brain without making you high. Hemp seed oil helps the body more in general compared to CBD because of all the protein and fatty acids in it.


In conclusion I hope that you have found everything to make sense. If you have anymore questions for me please feel free to ask in the site. I am an avid believer in hemp seed oil and use it everyday. I hope to help more people by spreading the word about all the amazing uses that can come from hemp seed oil. It will be beneficial whether you use it in food and drinks, or on your skin and hair.

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