Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

Wanting a new hairstyle and don’t know what to get? Go with the amazing Balayage Style. I have been using the balayage highlights for dark hair ever since my designer introduced me to it about 6 or 7 months ago. I absolutely love how different this style looks on my hair compared to ombre or highlights. I am using my natural dark brown hair with a light brown/blonde balayage right now and it looks pretty good! I think it will be a while before I go to anything other than this style especially now that everyone else is starting to wear their hair in a balayage including the celebrities. I can not wait to show off my new style to all my friends and family!

Why I Went Balayage

I went balayage because I was so tired of dealing with the foils getting highlights and ombre just did not seem like a great look for my style of hair. Before I went balayage I was going to the hair salon once every two weeks to get my hair re-highlighted. At the end of those two weeks my hair always looked so bad, I was embarrassed to go outside. Now my hair looks even better after two weeks.

How to Balayage Your Hair

There are two ways to balayage your hair, the first and most recommended is to get it professionally done at a hair salon or by a trusted hair stylist. Another way if your feeling confident and short on cash is to do it yourself. Surprisingly it is fairly easy to balayage your own hair; you will need vaseline, hair ties, rubber gloves, and the hair dye of your choice. First you will have to use the hot cross bun technique (seperating 4 sections of hair) to get your hair ready. Then you will have to put vaseline on your hair line to prevent the dye from getting on your skin. Next put on the gloves and begin applying the dye to the parts of your hair that you wish to add color. Make sure to secure your hair as you work using the hai ties to prevent the dye from spreading to unwanted parts of the hair. Be sure to move quick with the dye as it loses its effect an hour after the bottle is opened, so the process will most likely take up until the full hour. Do not go too light with the highlights as it will not look natural, especially with darker hair. A difference of 2 to 3 shades would be your best bet.

What is a Balayage Exactly?

A balayage is a type of hairstyle that highlights certain sections of your hair. The best example of a balayage would be a mix of an ombre style with regular highlights. A balayage is like ‘painting’ the highlights onto the hair using a special brush to sweep the colors perfectly. This style of hair is very popular right now because in many ways it is better to get than both an ombre and highlights. Why? Regular foil highlights tend to be very dense in the hair and they do not look better with time. They need to be constantly fixed up every 2 weeks or so, at least mine were. Balayage style is different than foil highlights for two reasons, it looks more natural mixed with the natural hair color and it actually gets better looking the longer time goes on. No more going to the hair salon every 2 weeks for multiple hours, you just have to get the balayage once and it only takes a good stylist about an hour to complete. What makes the balayage so much better than an ombre? Well, first of all in my opinion an ombre is hard to make looking good but very easy to make the style look tacky. Another thing, the ombre uses two colors while a balayage only uses one. So if you want your hair to look natural I highly suggest against the ombre and for the balayage.

Why You Should Stay Balayage

There are many reasons to go balayage. It is the style that is trending amongst everyone from celebrities to lawyers to teenagers. The style is meant to make your hair look more natural than others, and the longer you keep the balayage the more natural it will look. With most styles, especially highlights you have to frequently visit the hair salon every few weeks. Well with the balayage style the difference goes from a few weeks to months, around 6 to 9 months to be exact. As well as looking more natural than other syles, the balayage unsurprisingly is a way healthier alternative than the other styles. It is better than highlights because it is less time a stylist is putting chemicals in your hair and the foil is really not good for your hair at all. It is better than the ombre because the ombre is putting two different dyes in your hair, that’s double the chemicals in your hair than the balayage technique which only uses one dye is certain areas of the hair.


The balayage hair style is a better alternative than other styles in many different ways. First, it is the most natural looking style ever since it was introduced in the 1990’s. Second, it does not take long at all to get the balayage style done compared to others because it is almost like the stylist is painting the hair verses dying it. Third, most styles require high amounts of maintenenace bi-weekly while the balayage takes little to no maintenance at all as it looks better the longer time goes on. It is literally the reversed version of all the main ways to style and highlight your hair. If you are debating getting the balayage style, just stop now and go get it. I promise you will not regret it. The balayage style is the best to get right now and it will be for many more years to come.

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